God Values You

Friend in Christ,

God values you. Whether you are very old or a yet to be born tiny infant, God values you. He was born of a virgin and laid down his short life, to take you up to be with him forever, along with his life, which he took up again.

God values your neighbor likewise. He is not impressed by the successes of men, rather his eyes are on his creatures to do them good. Indeed, God is love.

He lived an obedient life. He demonstrated obedience to the words he gave to Moses. Though not subject to the law given to sinners, he subjected himself, to trade his life for their lives. He traded his life for yours.

There is no difference between people when it comes to the grace of God. God wants people to be saved. He wants people to know him.

Are you special? Indeed you are. You are God’s workmanship. Furthermore, he loves you. You are a physical creature, but you are also a being, and with all people a child of one made in the image of God, the man Adam. And, you have been redeemed, with Adam, with all people, by God himself. You were bought from slavery to sin, and, in the gospel, given freedom. So you are with all exceptional. Despite wrongdoing, God bought you with holy blood and his death.

So your life and your blood is precious to God. He makes no mistakes. He makes perfect decisions. He chose to save. He chose to save you. Peace to you in him.


Your Shepherd Carries You


Rejoice, you are one day closer to the coming of your Lord Jesus Christ in glory. Your merciful judge is coming from whom you will obtain mercy,  justice having been fulfilled in him.

No enemy will stand in that day to oppose you with any success. Salvation for those who trust Jesus will have succeeded on that day.

As for now, your hardships, your persecutions, your sufferings, even the brushes with death you face, are opportunities for you to glorify him who is the Savior of all men. Your life in Christ Jesus the Lord is not without fruit, but rather, the words of God told to this world edifies the people of the Kingdom that will remain beyond the world.

The Kingdom, the power and the glory that remain forever are your Father’s. Your Shepherd carries you forever.

God’s word that are the Holy Scriptures blesses and strengthens you. May the occasions of your hearing them be multiplied. Peace in your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the everlasting, living God, your Creator, the One who loves you like no other.


Brother in Christ,

Jesus your Lord, the Anointed of God, the everlasting Son of God, who by his life and death purchased you for his Father’s kingdom, peace to you in him, your Savior and your rest.

By being made sin for you that you might be made the righteousness of God in him, freedom has sounded. “It is done.”, he said from the cross of his suffering. If then God has so regarded you, you being spared by him, what enemy can stand against you who is of the body of Jesus Christ the Lord the living God.

Can a vessel of mud challenge you? You are redeemed, bought, paid for. You are not your own. Even Paul declared, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me.” God is not uncertain about his possessions. And does not all of Creation belong to him? Creation surely does belong to the Creator.

You belong to God: you were washed in his Name. You were cleansed of your sins. God regards you with grace.

There is only forward because God forgives. It is not forward in sins, but forward, following God the Son. He restores the soul.

You are a vessel as he determines. And he is gracious in his determinations. He chose to save. He chose to make alive. He chose to have his Name proclaimed. Grace is what God does to man. He does resist the proud, and he gives grace to the humble.

Peace to you in Jesus Christ the Lord.

Beloved in Christ

Beloved in Christ,

Jesus, your Life, lives and reigns at God’s right hand, proving the undoing of death and blessing this world of men through his saving words. Rejoice! Rejoice because he will come for you!

Getting down because of sins is all to easy to do. God does not want you there. Rather, your Father desires earnestly for you to know you are blessed in his precious Son.

God’s law makes conscious of sin. But God’s gospel reveals the Son of God who fulfilled the law. He is Savior. There is no shame in rejoicing on account of him. Sorrow must give way to joy. Repentance is met with forgiveness. The shadow of death fades away when life dawns. And life has dawned.

“Be not afraid” Jesus said. Perfect love casts out fear. And Jesus loves you perfectly.

There is only life in the gospel. Rejoice! Rejoice and be glad! Be glad that God has claimed you for his own. Peace to you in Jesus Christ the Lord.

Be Bold, Be Strong

Sibling in Christ, be bold, be strong, trusting in the Lord your God who through Jesus Christ, his only-begotten Son, has gained victory over death, whose glorious gospel edifies and leads and gives joy. You have been redeemed by him, his holy life and his precious blood. Take heart therefore and rejoice in him always.

Jesus taught, “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for their’s is the kingdom of heaven. Blesse are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Has not God moved you to mourn over your sins and what pride can there be in repentance? For scripture says “Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord.” He is worthy for boldness and he is true strength.

Psalm 46 sings of God: “our refuge and strength.” No enemy can stand before him and death is undone with his saving work. It does not matter if you affirm him or not, children for Abraham could have been raised up from stones by God. When you affirm him you reflect his words like the glowing moon on an otherwise dark night. Shine, with the light that is not of you but of God’s Son, telling all that he has done for you.

There was the daybreak of his gospel told in your life, you were washed in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, you were absolved of sins for Jesus’ sake and you ate and drank his body and blood for the forgiveness of your sins. He has done these things for others. His is active in these things given to many. He is leading, producing and carrying and he cares deeply, beyond measure for all people.

Scripture says God’s word accomplishes the purpose for which it is sent. Scripture says of God that he “wills all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” Grace includes those who exclude themselves. Affirmation of him is given by him. And he is good to all.

So when he says in scripture to his hearers to first remove the plank from their eyes before helping one’s brother with the speck in his, we can thank him for such instruction. Humility is a precious gift from God. And, in his humiliation, the humiliation of God, one learns of his character. God loves as no other. And God wants salvation for all.

He is doing his work. His words are here and there, producing, giving, guiding and teaching. Salvation is of God. God is bold. God is strong.

John Chapter One

Indeed, the first chapter of the Book of the Gospel of John is enlightening, refreshing and emboldening. It explains salvation, declares Jesus and sets the heart right. Hearing it read aloud is a very healthy thing.

God’s continued blessings to you as you reflect his light. You are his creature and he is gracious. Peace to you in Jesus Christ the Lord.

God Cares About The Stress In Your Life

God cares about the stress in your life. This may seem like a weak statement if not fully considered. Note the words “God”, “cares” and “your”.

Cares: The attention provided by God concerning you is not naïve. But, as God looks ahead in time he is removing obstacles in the present. He sees what will happen, and he ensures that you will not become trapped beyond his reach. The care that he provides for you is that of a shepherd who guards his sheep. The 23rd Psalm describes all that he does: including the restoration of the soul.

Your: To be sure, God cares about the stress in your life, in addition to that of the lives of all people. Though the qualities of God may at times seem far away, his all-knowing an all-mighty attributes, one can see his qualities in the man Jesus Christ, God the Son. The highest expression of God’s love is in the substitution of himself to receive the punishment due the sinner: hence there is freedom for the one who trusts this real fact about God. He is integral to the restoration of the soul. And while this was done for all, it was done specifically for you too, because while God knows all things, he also knows you specifically, and he loves you in this way: specifically.

God: Not just anyone cares for you or deals with your stress pre-emptively, but God, your Creator, cares for you. All other beings are of limited power and attachment to you. God is not. And while he knows that suffering builds perseverance, and character, his own suffering on the cross gained you the everlasting life which you now live already. He has ordained works, good works, to walk in, in order to reflect the light of his gospel when you tell what he has done for you: loving you with the cross of suffering he endured, gaining freedom for to slaves to sin. The Son of God sets free.

God cares about the stress in your life. The words “your”, “cares” and “God” make such a statement worthwhile. Peace to you in Jesus Christ the Lord. He is your Resurrection. He is your Life.